Yes. The DanceBox method has been designed for all abilities. Whether you hit the dance floor regularly or have never danced before, Illana breaks down the routine in easy digestible bites with plenty of repetition and time for questions. Whether you grasp the routine or not, it’s all about feeling free, unleashing and finding your inner power to move to the music and feel amazing.
DanceBox classes are for adults aged 18 and above. Expect to see all ages at this class, Illana has regular DanceBoxers whose ages range from 18-79.
Nerves are normal, you are not alone in feeling nervous but this quickly goes once you reach class. DanceBox is a safe space where you will be unjudged, loved, supported and elevated to be completely free and relaxed in your movement. Feel the fear and do it anyway, life is about stepping out of your comfort zone and into something that will elevate you. Still not convinced? My inbox is always open, drop me a DM or get in touch via the contact form. I got you!
Expect a big warm welcome, followed by a motivational chat from Illana, to ensure you feel safe. Now it’s time to get up for an energising, powerful, cardio based warm up, leading you into a beautiful stretch to open up your muscles and your soul… the nerves have disappeared by this point. Illana encourages a confidence strut across the room where you are able to drop your labels and be cheered and supported in your brilliance, you superstar! Time for magic… we learn the routine of the week at a comfortable pace with plenty of time to show off your power. To close the class we wrap up with an indulgent heart opening cool down allowing your mind body and soul to digest everything that’s just gone down. Expect an emotional rollercoaster, a tonne of laughter, a few freeing tears and complete elation!
Wear whatever makes you feel good and allows you to move freely. Trainers are mandatory. Other than yourself, all you need is a decent sized bottle of water.
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